Betsy DeVos and Secretary of Education: Public Criticizes Unqualified Billionaire Nominee by Donald Trump

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Betsy DeVos and Secretary of Education: Public Criticizes Unqualified Billionaire Nominee by Donald Trump
Is Betsy DeVos qualified to be the US Secretary of Education?

Did Donald Trump nominate Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, even though she lacks qualifications for the position, just because she is a billionaire? The public scrutinized the President-elect’s nominee for the highly important position – and they are not pleased.

As the person responsible for looking over all education-related federal policies, programs, and activities of the United States, does someone with no education degree, no teaching experience, no background with public schools and others fit for the role? A meme proliferated on social media criticizing Betsy DeVos show a list of her lack of qualifications for the paramount educational position.

After Donald Trump appointed Steve Bannon as his Chief Strategist comes another controversial nomination. What will be the fate of positions to be filled in in the White House under Trump administration?


It is true that Betsy DeVos is a billionaire. She comes from a line of old money as her father, late Edgar Prince, is a business mogul and her brother, Erik Prince, is the founder of Blackwater U.S.A, a government services and security company. Her husband Dick DeVos is an Amway heir and together they co-own a technology investment firm.

Despite the sum of all her fortune, what matters most is her knowledge on the job where she is nominated to by Donald Trump. Fact-checking website figured out that indeed, Betsy Devos has no education degree, has not worked in a school environment, had never attended a public school nor her four children, and that DeVos does somehow support for-profit education.

However, she is not to be the first Secretary of Education with no education degree or experience, such as George W. Bush’s secretary Margaret Spellings, who had a degree in political science while Bill Clinton’s Richard W. Wiley had a law degree.


Betsy DeVos’ advocate is for “school choice,” which means she supports having more options for families to choose from aside from just public schools. That, however, does not imply that DeVos precludes support for public schools. Does she funnel money away from public schools towards private options like Christian-based and for-profit education? To some extent, yes.

Since Betsy Devos went to both private Christian schools for high school and college, her advocacy comes as no surprise. Yet aside from giving millions of dollars to Christian schools and organizations, Dick and Betsy Devos’ foundation also donate to other facilities and nonprofit schools such as Potter’s House.

It is also worth noting that Betsy Devos did not give support for Donald Trump, nor did she give $9.5 million, for his presidential campaign in the U.S. Election, even though their family is known to be Republican Party contributors. However, whether or not Betsy DeVos is qualified to be the Secretary of Education is something the citizens of the United States will have to soon judge.

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