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‘Days of Our Lives’ New Spoilers: Two Love Triangles, Gabrielle Haugh On Board as Recast Jade

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Love: Rich men want it, wise men know it, the poor need it. That may be the case for several Salem residents as new Days of Our Lives spoilers say that not one, but two love triangles will form and a recast will be happening next year.

Two love triangles are forming: one for Gabi’s heart and one for Chad’s. New Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that it is going to be a complicated triangle as it involves basically the same people. It could almost be called a square if two of the people involved are not related to each other.

JJ and Gabi may be back together, but Gabi also has feelings for Chad and JJ is starting to notice their closeness. On the other hand, Chad has feelings for Gabi, but he does not know that his presumably dead wife Abigail is in Salem and hiding.

JJ Urges Abigail to Come Forward to Chad

As the love triangles come out, JJ will encourage Abigail to reveal herself to Chad. New Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Abigail will refuse, and so JJ will do his best to keep her presence a secret for now at least.

When the time comes that Abigail will reveal herself to Chad, and explain the truth to him, there is no doubt that Chad will be both furious and torn. Chad loves Abigail, but he also has this connection to Gabi. For now, JJ keeping this a secret will make things easier for Gabi when she chooses between him and Chad.

Gabi may need some time to forget about her feelings for Chad and move forward with JJ. Everyone also knows that down the road, JJ and Gabi are meant to be together and the same goes for Chad and Abby.

Behind the scenes, it seems that a recast for Jade is going to be in order. New spoilers hint that Paige Searcy is exiting the show, having already finished filming her last few scenes. Searcy’s last appearance as Jade will come in a future episode scheduled to air early 2017. It is said that Gabrielle Haugh will be taking her place as Jade on the show.

However, this casting news may not be completely confirmed. While it is confirmed that Gabrielle Haugh is on board for the show for a recast role, it has yet to be announced what that role is. It is likely for Jade or maybe even Ciara as there have been rumors of Vivian Jovanni’s potential exit from the show going around. Nevertheless, viewers can look forward to Paige Searcy’s take on Jade for the meantime.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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