‘Deadpool 2’ Director: David Leitch Confirmed to Direct Sequel

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Deadpool 2

After what seems like a month of searching, Fox has found a director for Deadpool 2. After some periods of speculation, it is confirmed that John Wick director David Leitch is going to be on board to direct the sequel.

When the news of director Tim Miller leaving Deadpool 2 due to creative differences, it left everyone shocked and curious as to whom Fox will ask to direct the sequel. Miller played a significant role in the surprise success of Deadpool; so it comes as no surprise that expectations will be high with whoever will be tapped to direct.

Leading Candidate for Director

David Leitch was heavily rumored to become the new director for Deadpool 2 and now the speculations proved to be right. Leitch met up with producer and star Ryan Reynolds in New York and afterwards, was given the deal.

There were many candidates to direct alongside Leitch, including Drew Goddard, Rupert Sanders and Magnus Martens. A petition also circulated online asking for Quentin Tarantino to direct the sequel as well.

Leitch is known for co-directing the action-packed thriller John Wick movie starring Keanu Reeves alongside Chad Stahelski. Leitch, like Stahelski, was also a stunt coordinator before venturing into directing so he makes a good fit for the X-Men spinoff.

Will There Be Deadpool 3?

Fox is also looking to push forward with Deadpool 3 and producers are currently looking for another director to lead that production.

For now, Deadpool 2 is off the ground and perhaps with a set release date. It is only a matter of time before the announcements of who will be starring alongside Reynolds as fellow mutants Cable and Domino will come out. The casting of Cable is especially important as it was revealed through Deadpool‘s post-credits scene that Cable will be joining him in the sequel.

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