‘What If…’ Movie Review: It is Never Too Late to Do Things Differently

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What If... review

What happens if our lives went in another direction instead of the path God chose for us? What If… is a movie that gives a look into what life could be like if we chose the path God planned for us.

A little warning to start things off: This review has some spoilers.

What If… starts off with a man named Ben Walker. Ben Walker is a preacher who leaves his college sweetheart Wendy and his ministry behind to work at a company. Fast forward to 15 years into the future, and Ben Walker has become a very successful employee on the verge of becoming one of the company’s CEO’s.

In short, Ben has it all. This is where things start to change.

The Great What If

Sudden car trouble sends him crossing paths with a mechanic named Mike. Mike turns out to be an angel chosen by God to make him see what his life could have been like had he not lost his faith. All of a sudden, he is married to Wendy with two daughters and they are all getting ready to go to church on a Sunday, and he has become the new pastor of their church.

In the spirit of movies like 17 Again, It’s a Wonderful Life, and The Family Man, and stories like A Christmas Carol, What If… has its main character facing a similar situation.

If Ben wants to return to the life he knows, it will come with a price. Ben will have to learn how to appreciate his family and most importantly, his faith. His journey throughout the movie will also make him reconnect with his old love. While he may have everything he wanted, he lost what he already had.

Sometimes it takes a little shaking up to make us see what we really need instead of what we want. We may not be able to go back in time to do things differently, but this movie shows us that it is never too late. What If… shows us that we need to follow God’s calling for us to see what we truly want in our lives.

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