‘Mulan’ Live-Action Movie Would Be Better With an Asian Director, Ang Lee Says

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'Mulan' Live-Action Movie Would Be Better With an Asian Director, Ang Lee Says

Disney is in a hurry to have the remake of one of the most-beloved Disney animated movies, Mulan. According to the reports, their official target date for the movie’s worldwide release is on Nov. 2, 2018. The live-action remake of the animation is still in its planning stages, but they are hot on the search for the Chinese actress to play the main character.

Reports also said that according to award-winning director Ang Lee, if he would be directing the live-action movie of Mulan, he would have probably shot the battle scenes in the Himalayan Mountains. Disney offered Lee to direct the film but he had to turn down the project.

Still, he thought that it would be great to see an Asian director helm the live-action remake. As of now, Disney is still looking for a worthy director to make the film.

The Original Mulan was a Box-Office Hit; will the Live-Action Movie be the same?

The movie is a 1998 animated musical film by Walt Disney Pictures. The animation is based on the Chinese legend of Fa Mulan. As a warrior’s daughter, she impersonates a man to take her father’s place, and showed bravery regardless of gender expectations back then.

The movie became one of the most successful animated films and was a box office hit grossing over $304 million worldwide. It also received several awards and nominations from different categories and elite award-winning bodies. The animation also won “Best Animated Feature” from the Annie Awards.

The film was also known for the song Reflection, which was performed by the Filipina singer-actress Lea Salonga as the legendary female protagonist. In the official soundtrack of the 1998 Disney animation, Reflection was sung by the pop singer Christina Aguilera.

Meanwhile, Disney’s long-awaited live-action movie Beauty and the Beast will be in theaters next year on March 17. Walt Disney Pictures released the official movie trailer — to much anticipation —  with Emma Watson as Belle.

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