U.S. Election Results: Donald Trump Will Not Lose Presidency; Shocking U.S. Divide Calls Recounting of Votes

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U.S. Election Results and Donald Trump: Shocking U.S. Divide Calls Recounting of Votes
U.S. Election result faces petition for recounts in some states following the victory of President-elect Donald Trump.

The U.S. Election results are questioned as a campaign for a recount of votes from battleground states is launched by Jill Stein. These states are surprisingly won by President-elect Donald Trump over Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

Like the sentiments of many, the U.S. divide is bigger than expected and the latest request to recount votes of the U.S. Election results just shows that. However, for transparency, some people believe and support the bid for reviewing of votes by the Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

A spokesperson from Green Party George Martin says the request is “to ensure the integrity of our system.” The investigation has to be done for “the American public” to be sure that their “vote counts.”


Stein has sued the Wisconsin’s plan for automatic recounting and insists that the full recount should be done by hands. Academics and specialists have agreed that recounting of the U.S. Election results should not be done by a machine as it would risk “tainting the recounting process.”

This follows after the U.S. Election proceeded amid warnings of detection of Russian hackers on some states’ voter registration systems.


Reviewing of the results of the U.S. Election results was requested formally by Stein. Wisconsin accepted Stein’s petition on Friday for the state’s first presidential recount in history.

The state administrator of Wisconsin, Michael Haas, confirmed the unprecedented presidential recount as per the request of Stein and independent candidate Rocky De La Fuente. With that, completion of the U.S. Election results recount is expected on the federal Dec. 13 deadline.

Stein is also pushing a recount for Midwestern battlegrounds Pennsylvania and Michigan where Republican Donald Trump won narrowly over Hillary Clinton, much to the surprise of many. After garnering the necessary votes for winning the Electoral College, Donald Trump’s path to the White House was paved.

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