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‘Days of Our Lives’ New Spoilers: Eric Released From Prison, Claire, Theo Take Their Relationship Further

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DOOL new spoilers

When one person lands themselves in the slammer, another person is released. At least that is how it goes in Salem as new Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Eric will be released from prison.

It may not be clear how, but everyone can expect to see Eric as a free man in a future Days of Our Lives episode. Everyone knows that Eric has been sentenced to serve five years in prison but in Salem, even long sentences are drastically reduced.

New spoilers tease that it could likely be because new clues pertaining to the crash and Daniel’s death suddenly surfaced. Either way, it will take some legal work for Eric to get out of there.

Once he gets out, he is naturally a changed man. Time in prison can harden a lot of people, all the while putting them back on the straight path. Eric is tougher now and will have some trouble reconnecting with his loved ones. Fortunately, Marlena and Roman are there to help him transition into his normal life smoothly.

Claire and Theo Take Their Relationship Further

On the other side of things, new spoilers say that Claire and Theo will take their relationship to the next level. It is likely that the two of them are bound for the bedroom. Claire and Theo care for each other a lot, so it makes sense to want to move their relationship forward.

Unfortunately, there is someone who might not be happy about this. Everyone knows that Ciara and Theo had something together until she called it quits because she was in love with Chad. Now, Ciara is feeling guilty of having to let Theo go. Whether or not Ciara will tell Theo how she feels remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Adrienne might have to put her love life on hold because of a medical crisis. Previous spoilers already hinted that she will collapse just before she makes a choice between Justin and Lucas. When she is rushed to the hospital for some tests, it seems that Adrienne might have something serious.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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