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‘Days of Our Lives’ New Spoilers: Hope Left for Dead in Prison

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A former cop becoming an inmate means tough times ahead on the inside. New spoilers for Days of Our Lives hint that Hope will suffer physical attacks from the inmates, until someone steps in to save her.

It comes as no surprise that Hope does not have an easy life inside prison. As a refresher, Hope was convicted for the murder of Stefano, after Andre played her murder confession during a town event.

Being a former police officer that is now arrested and convicted for murder, Hope has to face the people she has placed behind bars. That, as well as bouts of loneliness, seeing as she can only count on visits from her loved ones is bound to make Hope (or anyone) miserable.

Now, new spoilers say that someone, and most likely someone whom Hope arrested before will attack her. They will choke her until she nearly passes out. Luckily, someone will help her out in this ordeal.

Enter Hattie

Just as Hope was nearly left for dead in prison, someone will step in to help her out. New Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Marlena’s lookalike Hattie will keep her out of harm’s way for the meantime. Hope does a double-take at first, perhaps thinking that maybe Marlena got herself into some trouble. Although previous spoilers say that Hattie will quickly correct her and they will have a little talk.

As previous spoilers already indicated, Hattie turns out to be the head honcho inside the state pen. While she is not exactly someone who wants to make everything a little easier whenever she is around, Hattie will take pity on Hope. It is likely that Hope might become less vulnerable now that Hattie is by her side.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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