Great Barrier Reef Dying 2016: Organization Asks For Help to Save World’s Largest Ecosystem

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Great Barrier Reef Dying 2016: Organization Asks For Help to Save World's Largest Ecosystem

The Great Barrier Reef is dying and its condition is actually worse than what many believed. A call for immediate action is imperative to save the world’s largest living structure.

Millions of corals have died, and continue to die, as the Reef suffers the worst coral bleaching in its history. About 93 percent of individual reefs are gone and the others remaining are in poor shape. While previous reports reveal that the Great Barrier Reef is recovering, it appears that the World Heritage Site is actually facing more danger than what people thought.

Dying Great Barrier Reef Needs Help

The organization that is responsible for saving the Great Barrier Reef, GBRMPA, asks for help. A collective effort is needed to save the corals of the Reef and they are asking for everybody’s cooperation in the fight for saving one of the seven wonders of the natural world.

According to David Wachenfeld, director of the organization, the condition of the water near the coast is quite impossible to improve in terms of its quality. Moreover, the coral bleaching that is caused by heightened water temperatures continue to kill coral communities and one major cause of this phenomenon is global warming.

Thus, Wachenfeld calls for everyone’s help – from the communities, governments, and industries – to take part in saving the environment as this issue is much larger than us, and more can actually be affected by it.

United Nations’ Say

The Australian government is now asking United Nations to look at the Great Barrier Reef again for an update on the state of the reef. Last year, the U.N. has announced that the Reef is not in danger; thus the problem will be fixed around five years.

However, many people claimed that the Senator assigned to snorkel and observe the Great Barrier Reef’s state went to areas that were not so damaged. The areas that are under really serious conditions were not visited.

As of now, each form of help, like something as simple as spreading awareness, is much needed in order to save the dying Great Barrier Reef.

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