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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: Negan Might Be Killed; Jeffrey Morgan Promises Character ‘Big In’ Mid-Season Finale Episodes

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Is Negan going to die this season? Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor behind Negan, shared spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 and viewers’ opinions will sure be divided.

Jeffrey’s Negan has been a strong presence and driving force for Season 7 of The Walking Dead. He may not be seen in every episode, yet his presence has touched each one of the hit AMC series’ episodes; from different characters to the new communities introduced. But will Negan live long enough for the entire season?


Season 7’s big bad wolf is both loathed and loved. While some fans want to see him brutally killed to get even for all the evil things he did, and will do, others want to see more for the malevolent villain’s antics.

With that, Jeffrey reveals spoilers for the character’s fate. According to the 50-year-old actor, Negan will stick around until The Walking Dead Season 8.

“I know I will be on board for Season 8,” Jeffrey says.

Jeffrey also confirms they have wrapped up filming for The Walking Dead Season 7 “a week ago.” As for the road to the mid-season finale, he gave a dark tease. In the “next two” episodes towards the mid-season finale, Jeffrey reveals spoilers that Episodes 7 and 8 will see Negan to be “big in.”


Along with extended episodes, the mid-season finale is sure going to be a big one. Even Negan confirmed that he will be “******** heavy in those.” Without a doubt, it is going to be dark and brutal.

Previous spoilers suggested Episode 7 Sing Me A Song will be strongly picked out from the comics. As Carl heads toward the Sanctuary, according to the episode’s synopsis, viewers will see more of the Saviors’ home.

And in Episode 8 Hearts Still Beating, Negan will give another visit to Alexandria. Negan, who always comes with trouble in tow, will definitely not be good news for our central characters.

The Walking Dead Season 7 airs on AMC.

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