Brad Pitt Ready to Mingle, But Not With the Likes of Angelina Jolie: Report

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Actor Ready to Look for 'Easy and Loving' Partner Unlike Ex-Wife?

Brad Pitt is allegedly looking forward to moving on from his second failed marriage; and this time, he will reportedly set his eyes on someone totally opposite of Angelina Jolie. What made Brad turn his back on the likes of Angelina?

Many people loved and shipped the relationship that was Brangelina. The A-list Hollywood couple easily became one of many netizens’ “relationship goals.” However, their seemingly perfect relationship came crashing down and the things that went down were ugly.

There was a police investigation that ensued, some names were dragged into the controversy and allegations of child abuse; all of which surfaced in the news. Apparently, the 52-year-old actor has learned his lesson from the drama and will never be with someone like Angelina Jolie again in his next relationship.

Brad Pitt Looking for Someone Unlike Angelina Jolie

Recent news came up that as of now, Brad Pitt is still “getting his legs underneath him.” However, the World War Z actor is not closing his doors and he will eventually “date again.” But this time, he is set on what he wants from the next person to come in his life.

Allegedly, what attracted Brad Pitt to the Maleficent actress is her “darkness and intensity.” Yet dealing with all the drama for years have taken its toll which then turned into a toxic relationship of arguments and misunderstandings. Now, Brad Pitt wants to be around more “positive people.” He is “looking for someone to bring light into his life” after all the dramatic events that unfolded.

Brad Pitt is not jumping into a new relationship immediately, though, yet he allegedly wants the next affair to be “easy and loving.”

Despite The News, The Next Woman is Not Kate Hudson

A name that came up recently in the news as Brad Pitt’s “mystery woman” is Kate Hudson, but there is no truth behind it. Rumors state that the two are secretly meeting and have gotten close to each other that led to some speculations that the Bride Wars actress is Brad’s new lady. However, the news is nothing but a fictional tale spun by the Hollywood rumor mill.

As for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, will the holiday spirit bring them together for their children’s sake?

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