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‘Days of Our Lives’ New Spoilers: Stefano Committed Suicide, Used Hope

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When faced in a murder, one must always be open to a lot of possibilities. New spoilers for Days of Our Lives reveal that Stefano was not murdered, but rather he committed suicide!

A refresher: Hope killed Stefano, Andre exposed Hope. Hope is now behind bars and Rafe and Shawn are trying to find something to exonerate her. Now, new Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that in the midst of finding clues to help get Hope released, Rafe and Shawn will get their hands on a big one.

As it was previously seen, Stefano was ill, terminally ill and was confined to a wheelchair a few weeks before he was killed. He even hinted that his days are numbered to Andre. A lot of fans assumed that Stefano was asking for it, asking for Hope to kill him. Seeing how things played out, Stefano’s plan pushed through and Hope shot him.

The Big Clue

New spoilers for Days of Our Lives hinted that Rafe and Shawn will find some emails that confirm Stefano’s deteriorating health. The doctor will also confirm that Stefano was not going to live much longer. Rafe has constantly implied that Stefano provoked Hope into killing him, which means Stefano committed suicide and used Hope to do it.

It may not have come as a big surprise to everyone else, seeing as Stefano was already weak. Still, Rafe and Shawn are in for the surprise of their lives. Although it poses the question of how this piece of information will work in Hope’s favor. Hope is not exactly innocent, even when the true cause of death comes up.

But Rafe and Shawn will likely use the evidence they find and the doctor’s testimony when they make an appeal to the judge. When Chad finds out about this, he will also start looking at this situation differently. He was previously grilling Hope when she confessed to killing Stefano, so this might make him see the other side of the situation.

But Chad will certainly get emotional when this is revealed to him. Chad will learn that this is exactly how Stefano would have wanted things to go. If Stefano wanted to go down, he will take Hope with him, and he did. Chad will then visit Hope in the state pen to talk about the truth, but does this mean he will help Rafe and Shawn?

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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