Michael Bublé Son Fighting Cancer: Singer Makes Touching Special Room for Noah in New Home

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Michael Bublé Son Fighting Cancer: Singer Makes Touching Special Room for Noah in New Home
Michael Bublé’s 3-year-old son Noah diagnosed with liver cancer.

Michael Bublé and his family are now facing struggles as their 3-year-old son Noah is currently fighting cancer. Feeling hopeful, they are doing everything to help the child in any way they can, like by adding a special room just for Noah in their new home.

The family, especially Michael, have been excited on building the new family mansion. Before Michael Bublé’s son Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer, the Canadian singer-songwriter had been expressive on their elaborate plans for the house that will cater the family’s leisure needs.

Michael Bublé Builds Specialized House For Two Sons

In a previous interview, Michael Bublé expressed that he is “such a sports guy” and a “manly, macho man” and thus he is building a home that he and his kids can play sports at.

Nested in Burnaby, Canada, the luxurious Bublé family mansion is said to be over 27,000 square feet. Architects are creating plans for the purpose-built house for where there will be a heated swimming pool, a spacious garden and a tennis court. Michael Bublé had also shared that his “basement is an ice rink” for his two boys, 3-year-old Noah and 10-month-old Elias, to soon practice their hockey skills.

The main purpose of the house’s amenities is for the kids to “have fun” and it would be a “great exercise” for the 41-year-old singer too, he shares.

Special Space for Son Fighting Cancer

Now that the family found out that Noah is fighting cancer, they are not hesitating on making extra measures to help Noah by creating a special room just for him and his recovery.

The family gathers together for the child as both Michael Bublé and wife Luisana Lopalito cancels all their work appointments to attend their baby’s needs.

As of now, Michael Bublé’s son is undergoing a four-month treatment for fighting cancer in the U.S. with the family, according to the singer’s sister-in-law.

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