‘Overwatch’ Characters: Player Singlehandedly Reaches Max Level; Sombra Mod to ‘Street Fighter 5’

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An Overwatch player singlehandedly hits the game’s max level with sheer dedication and long hours of gaming. Meanwhile, Overwatch characters got modded into Street Fighter 5 with Sombra as the latest.

Overwatch 1800 Level Mark

Reaching the 1800 max level of Overwatch has been a benchmark for players to get into the prestige bracket even though the first-shooter video game does not have a level cap. A perk for gamers who can, and have reached, the max 1800 level is getting the most advanced in-game portrait border and unlocking Overwatch characters and achievements along the way.

In theory, players can go hundreds of level beyond 1800; however, aside from the number level, there will no longer be a visual evidence for levels exceeding 1800. Also, rewards will no longer be given to players that reach the max level of the game.

Overwatch Player Reaches Max Level Singlehandedly

There are players who have reached Overwatch’s max level, yet there were done through shared accounts for the main goal of reaching the milestone itself. Nothing is impossible alone, though, as a French Overwatch player, named TaZzerRk, just announced that he has singlehandedly reached the max level. In fact, he is now on Level 1801.

He also revealed how he did it – through hard work, of course, and long hours of playing within six months. Every day, the Overwatch player claims he spends 16-17 hours just playing the game.

Overwatch Characters Mod Into Street Fighter 5

Characters of Overwatch are becoming more interesting – from apparent parental lineage theories to getting modded into a totally different game.

Capcom’s flagship fighting video game series has seen a few Overwatch characters modded into the game. Previously, Mei made a cameo and this time, it is Sombra who was revamped into Street Fighter 5.

One of Overwatch’s hero characters, the notorious hacker Sombra gets modded into Laura from Street Fighter courtesy of Youtube user THEJAMK. He admits the Mod is pretty obvious and that he intentionally used alternative colors and made it work for the two characters.

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