Queen Elizabeth Outraged at Kate Middleton’s Mother for Taking Credit of Duchess of Cambridge’s Work Ethic: Report

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Queen Elizabeth Outraged at Kate Middleton's Mother for Taking Credit of Duchess of Cambrige's Work Ethic?

Is Queen Elizabeth appalled at how Carole Middleton, Kate Middleton’s mom, is taking credit for the Duchess of Cambridge’s praised work ethic?

Latest news about the royal family shows Carole Middleton talking about her three children, including Kate Middleton. Interviewed by the royal observer Ingrid Seward for People Magazine, Carole Middleton praised her children for being all hard workers.

Kate Middleton Work Ethic: Who To Credit?

Seward also commended the businesswoman for raising “the next generation of royals.” One important trait that Carole has instilled on her children is the value of hard work, and it is apparent at how Catherine, Pippa and James Middleton all grew up to be.

With that, Carole Middleton says that she “supported” her children in their endeavors and “encouraged” each of them. Her presence as a mother has mattered since she has “been there for them,” which let her help them “set a good work ethic” for the three.

As a proud mother, Carole Middleton believes she has somehow shaped Kate Middleton to become the kind of Duchess of Cambridge that she is today. However, some critics might raise a brow on that; and the latest news by gossipers suggests Queen Elizabeth is one of them.

Queen Elizabeth Gave Duke And Duchess of Cambridge an Ultimatum?

Blabbermouths criticized Prince William and Kate Middleton for allegedly being the laziest royal couple. Rumors swirled that they take more vacations than royal engagements as compared to other members of the family. What is more is that they are purportedly using any excuse to back out of engagements and appearances until Queen Elizabeth had to step her foot down to give the two an ultimatum.

However, Prince William and Kate Middleton are actually really busy and are doing everything they can to juggle all their royal appointments that they are attending, either together or separately.

In fact, latest news reveal Prince William had praised her wife for being a supportive partner as they face the journey together to parenthood, which made him get to know himself in a way that he never did before.

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