‘The Walking Dead’ Actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus Share Craziest Fan Reactions

Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, World AIDS Day
Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is shown during a scene in `The Walking Dead.’

The Walking Dead  continues to be followed by the most zealous fans.  For Norman Reedus, who portrays Daryl Dixon,  and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays villainous Negan on the show, fans have taken things to a crazy level.

The Walking Dead actor Jeffrey Dean Mogan recently shared that fans can get really weird. He related getting fan mail with sexual undertones, receiving messages like “Spank me, bring Lucille.” Morgan was once linked to former Weeds costar Mary-Louise Parker and is currently in a relationship with actress Hilarie Burton.

Norman has shared other crazy encounters with fans, too, particularly one who got into a biting frenzy. As he recalled on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he had a photo session with a seemingly sweet lady, whom he said morphed into a werewolf who howled, and then bit him in the chest.

Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan Share Other Crazy Encounters With The Walking Dead Fans

In another instance, Reedus got lifted off the ground by another female fan who ended up twisting his knee. Morgan recalled how fans got wind that he and Norman Reedus were passing by an empty gas station in Alabama, and 50 cars converged on the station in a matter of minutes, and Reedus was agreeable to sign autographs right there and then.

Tyler James Williams, who portrayed Noah on the television series before his character met an untimely end, was also bitten by a fan shortly after his stint on The Walking Dead was finished.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is 50, while Norman Reedus is 47. Both are in the prime of their Hollywood careers, with The Walking Dead paving the way for their huge success. Daryl Dixon’s tough yet compassionate side has won him countless fans all over the world. Like his character, Reedus is known to be an outdoorsman, but unlike Daryl, he i s also known to be a painter and photographer.

In an interview with a magazine, Reedus revealed that he liked having grotesque stuff. He finds beauty in them. He also admitted to liking aggressive music and aggressive people.

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