On World AIDS Day: Prince Harry, Rihanna Take HIV Tests Together in Barbados

Prince Harry, Rihanna, World AIDS Day
Rihanna recently joined Prince Harry to highlight World AIDS Day by getting tested for HIV.

Leading the pack in taking action around World AIDS Day are Prince Harry and Rihanna. The two celebrities tested negative after undergoing HIV tests in Bridgetown, Barbados to underscore World AIDS Day.

World AIDS Day is celebrated annually with activities to raise awareness and show support for individuals afflicted with HIV. As former U.S. President Barack Obama stated in a speech, “We know we have work to do… to banish stigma, save lives, and empower everyone to reach their potential.”

Prince Harry has been very busy with royal engagements lately, even as his relationship with Suits actress Meghan Markle continues to get much media attention. Kensington Palace recently released a statement on behalf of Prince Harry, not only confirming the relationship, but requesting for respect for privacy amidst threats and bashes from internet trolls.

Prince Harry, Rihanna Highlight World AIDS Day

Rihanna, who was recently adjudged AMAs 2016 Favorite Female Artist for Soul/R&B, teased Prince Harry as they volunteered for HIV tests to mark World Aids Day. Prince Harry had just culminated his tour of the Commonwealth island.

The British royal has been campaigning for months to encourage more people to come forward and be tested for HIV. Medical strides have been made to control the illness.

Prince Harry and Rihanna shared the stage at Barbados’s 50th anniversary of independence celebration. It was Prince Harry who persuaded Rihanna to take the test in public.

At the HIV drop-in center, Rihanna joked that the test was “so easy” after Harry warned her there will be some pain. The Prince appeared to wince when his blood was taken. Both Prince Harry and Rihanna tested negative for HIV.

Prince Harry had told local dwellers that “it is the responsible, cool thing to do to know your status.” He also expressed admiration for Rihanna, whom he said had “incredible reach,” making her a suitable example to countless other people marking World AIDS Day. The Prince had exchanged banter with the singing superstar during that occasion.

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