Betty White Dead: 94-Year-Old Actress Felt Lonely Because Nobody Asked Her Out [HOAX DEBUNKED]

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Betty White Dead?
Golden Girls actress Betty White

There are claims that circulated on social media that said the 94-year-old actress Betty White is already dead. However, The Golden Girls star is just another victim of celebrity death hoaxes. In fact, the young-at-heart is still open to dating, yet there is just one problem.

Is Betty White Dead?

Previously, a satirical article with a pun as its headline made rounds on social media as many missed the meaning behind it. With a title that Betty White “dyes peacefully in her home,” many assumed “dye” is a typographical error for “die,” which of course makes so much more sense for the headline based on the way it was phrased.

Unknowingly, the rest of the article was nothing but a satirical account of how Betty White’s hair is allegedly not a natural blonde; thus she dyes, or colors, her locks peacefully at home. Still, many believed that Betty White is really dead, considering her old age, which resulted in the proliferation of the article more and more.

However, Betty White is definitely not dead as she is, in fact, still up for finding another love.

Betty White Wants Love – There is One Problem, Though

The TV star tells TODAY host Al Roker that she is still open for love. However, Betty says, “Nobody asks me.”

If it is up to her, a new man in her life would be welcome, yet she is also aware nobody is going to ask a “94-year-old woman” out as “it just doesn’t happen.”

A patron of love, Betty White is a face of iconic roles on TV and movies for over 75 years. One role she identifies herself the most is Sue Ann Nivens of The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Betty White admits she, like Sue Ann, “loves men.” The actress adds that it is “a hobby” of hers and the “men” just do not know it.

Many people look up to Betty White as an inspiration; thus news that stated she is dead shocked a lot of fans who love the actress.

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