Eminem Ex-Wife Kim Mathers DUI Suicide Attempt Avoids Jail Time; Gets Probation Instead

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Eminem and Ex-Wife Kim Mathers DUI Suicide Attempt Avoids Jail Time; Gets Probation Instead

Kim Mathers, ex-wife of the famous rap star, was sentenced to a fine and put on a year’s probation when she appeared in the Michigan courthouse late last Month. Eminem’s ex-wife attempted suicide in October 2015. According to reports, she was drunk driving on the fast lane and banged her Cadillac Escalade straight on the pole that she almost got herself killed in Macomb Township, Michigan.

Kim Mathers was issued a $900 fine and it came with one-year probation. The court also added that during her probation period, she must undergo a random alcohol and drug testing.

According to police records, Mathers overdosed herself with prescription pills and drank five Malibu Rum before she went out and crash her car on purpose to commit suicide. During the hearing, the 41-year-old mother told the courthouse judge that she was deeply sorry and apologetic about the accident that happened on that day.

Kim Mathers Suicidal Tendencies Cause of Separation from Eminem?

She claimed that the suicide attempt was intentional and she never expected to come out alive. Eminem’s ex-wife added that her actions were destructive and selfish that she did not take consideration of other’s safety, as well as her family’s feelings.

Marshall Mathers, also known as Eminem, has a daughter with Kim Mathers. The ex-couple met in 1989 and got married in 1999. They had their first divorce in 2001 but got married again in 2006.

After four months, the two decided to file a divorce in 2006 for the second time. The reports said that the rapper’s relationship with his ex prior to their divorce affected his songs. According to some of the rapper’s followers, some of his songs were full of violent passion, sadness, and hatred towards his ex-wife. The rap star has yet to comment on his ex-wife’s issues.

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