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‘Gotham’ Season 3 Spoilers: Cameron Monaghan’s Photos Tease Jerome’s Appearance Upon His Return

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Gotham may currently be on its winter hiatus, but that does not stop the updates from coming. Spoilers for Season 3 reveal that Jerome will be looking a lot more different when he returns for the second half of the season.

Actor Cameron Monaghan has constantly taken to social media to share some photos (and delete just as quickly) to tease fans of his Joker-esque character Jerome Valeska. As everyone knows, he first gave everyone a taste of what to expect from Jerome with a photo showing the corner of his mouth. Now, spoilers for Gotham Season 3 indicate that there is more than just the cut on the corner of his mouth.

A Mask? Or Open Scars?

Monaghan continued to tease everyone with more photos of his slightly disfigured character, sharing photos of his character’s eyes with very visible scars around them. The same goes for his mouth, and spoilers for Gotham Season 3 indicate that this is perhaps a flesh-like mask placed on his face.

Jerome’s appearance is perhaps a reference to the Joker’s in the New 52 comics. Another villain called the Dollmaker removed his face and the Joker placed it back on himself over his facial wounds. These events might transpire during the episode in which he returns, and it might not necessarily be the Dollmaker’s handiwork but of another villain’s entirely.

Whether Jerome is confirmed as the future clown prince of crime remains to be seen, but from the looks of it, the photos indirectly hint where his character will be going in the future.

Jerome made his debut in Season 1, quickly showing the mannerisms including the very iconic laugh that made everyone believe that he will be the Joker in the future.

In Season 2, Jerome continued to terrorize the city until he met his demise at the hands of Theo Galavan (whom everyone knows has become Azrael). But due to Hugo Strange’s penchant for bringing the dead back to life, a very much alive Jerome was included among the escapees from Indian Hill. Months before the premiere of Season 3, producers and Monaghan himself confirmed that Jerome will be coming back as well.

Gotham Season 3 airs Mondays on Fox.

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