Personal Salvation Story: Boxer Angry Towards Jesus Christ Surrenders, Feels His Peace and Presence

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Sometimes, or most of the time, God will bring an event to shake us up in order to bring us closer to Him. This is the story of an angry boxer named Juan, whose anger and resentment towards Christ began his story of personal salvation.

Juan’s rage towards the Lord all started when his grandfather and father would take him to church. In fact, his own father and grandfather were pastors in that church. Juan felt like it was like walking into a courtroom whenever he would step inside the church. He did not want to feel that way anymore and thus stopped going with his father and grandfather.

His resentment only turned into anger, and the reason for this was that Juan did not feel like he was good enough for Christ. He thought that if the Lord did not see him as good enough, he was just going to act out and take his anger out on everyone and everything. This is where his story of personal salvation took a rough turn.

When Juan was 15, he nearly killed someone. He nearly strangled a kid to death and faced an assault with a deadly weapon charge. Juan had no grudge against the kid, he was just really angry.

It was then that his father advised him to channel his anger out through other means. Juan was already a good baseball player, but his father encouraged him to try out boxing. It worked for Juan, as he took his anger out on the punching bag instead of people who made him mad.

His Encounter with Christ

A hard hit to the head sent Juan to the emergency room. The doctors told Juan’s parents that it is uncertain whether or not he will wake up from this injury, and if he did, he might likely not be able to live a normal life. Juan’s parents prayed and stayed by his side all night, and the next morning, he woke up.

Juan had to learn how to do almost everything again, but with God’s presence, he was able to walk just after the first week into recovery. In a few weeks, Juan was better than ever, however, that did not make him any more grateful to be alive.

Juan could not play baseball nor could box, and he hated God for taking those things away from him. Juan’s father Johnny prayed for him, and prayed hard. It was in their prayers that for the first time, Juan felt at peace. This was when he surrendered everything to the Lord and accepted Him into his life.

Today, Juan is back to playing baseball and boxing with a brand new perspective of God. He now realizes that his accident was not because God wanted to take everything away from him. It was to give him an opportunity to inspire more people through his personal salvation story. Juan no longer sees God as a judging God, but rather a loving and merciful one who just wants us to come back to Him.

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