Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Baby Names: ‘Deadpool’ Actor Reveals Couple Chose ‘Right One’ for Second Baby

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Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Baby Names: 'Deadpool' Actor Reveals Couple Choose 'Right One' for Second Baby
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively settled on the “right one” to name second baby after first daughter James.

This generation of very unique and quite bizarre celebrity baby names are no longer a shock. However, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively did not name their second child Excalibur Anaconda. In fact, they “settled on the right one.”

Ryan Reynolds is now outnumbered by women in their household as Blake Lively gave birth to another baby girl in September of this year.

The first daughter of everyone’s favorite power couple is given a masculine name, James. The 29-year-old actress previously shared that the name was a “family name” and that she had always liked “having a boy’s name.” It also somehow symbolized liberation from the norm as she wants to instill in her child not to let anyone tell her no.

As for their second baby, the couple had remained mum on what is really the child’s name. However, Ryan Reynolds did share insights on what life is like now with the new addition to the family.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively on Baby Names

The Deadpool actor had shared before that he wants to name his firstborn Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds. This time, he admits he had “suggested the same name, except with all the letters in the name being silent.” He also admitted it just made it much more confusing to everyone, especially him.

Kidding aside, Ryan Reynolds says he and Blake Lively “settled on the right one.”

“More Love, More Diapers”

The A-list Hollywood couple has a growing family. Now that Ryan Reynolds is outnumbered by females on his life, the Green Lantern actor says he is contributing to “wipe men off the face of the planet” with his usual smart wit.

But in all seriousness, with the addition of their second baby girl, there is just “more” in the family now – “more love, there’s more diapers.”

First daughter James, meanwhile, is also happy to welcome her little sister which is “profound,” says Ryan. He says it is “neat to see” his “older daughter take care of the newborn” which he loves watching.

Ultimately, fatherhood for The Proposal actor is “the best thing.” With Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s love coupled with their humor, whatever baby names they came up with will without a doubt be perfect.

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