Xbox One, Xbox 360 Free Games with Gold In December: Organized Crime, Survival Horror, and Light-Based Platformer

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Xbox One Free Games with Gold This December: Organized Crime, Survival Horror, Racing, and a Light-Based Platformer!

Owners of an Xbox Gold subscription will find themselves in for a treat before the year ends. Four awesome titles are up for grabs, namely Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition, Outlast, Outland, and Burnout Paradise. These four are December’s free games with Gold for the Xbox One and the 360!

Both titles for the Xbox One, Sleeping Dogs and Outlast, are single player games. However, the ones available for the 360, Burnout Paradise and Outland, have their own cooperative modes.

Cooperative Fun on the Xbox 360

Burnout Paradise is a classic, fifth in the series of the Burnout racing games. However, its age does not hinder the fact that it remains to be one of the most enjoyable racing titles on the platform. Its open-world environment contributes a lot to its longevity as well.

Outland was released in 2011 and is a quirky platformer that has a cooperative mode as well. Besides the usual obstacles, one expects in a decent platformer, it also involves playing around with and manipulating light and dark “energies.”

XBox One Single-Player Choices

Sleeping Dogs is another open-world video game that has elements of action-adventure and RPG. In it, the players step on the shoes of a police officer trying to infiltrate a Triad organization. Set in Hong Kong, the game allows the player to go through the ranks while completing missions, or to spend time exploring the open world and engaging in illegal activities.

The final title, Outlast, is a first-person survival horror game. The player as an investigator is thrust in a psychiatric facility wherein he encounters horrors that would haunt any sane person’s nightmares. The game was received with positive reviews all around, and a sequel, Outlast 2, is planned.

These titles are in store this month, to be given as free games with Gold subscribers. Every month, Xbox releases free games for their loyal followers, and December appears to offer a pretty solid selection, and decent genre coverage all around.

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