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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers This Week: Hope, Hattie Bond; Andre Turns Gabi Away From Chad

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DOOL spoilers this week

Things are looking up for Hope but the same could not be said for several other people. Spoilers for Days of Our Lives this week reveal that Hattie and Hope bond in prison while Andre hopes to clear the path for Chad and Abigail.

Previously, it was revealed that Hope was having anything but a bearable time behind bars. She was even nearly strangled to death in there. Being a former-cop-turned-inmate, Hope, definitely, has a lot of enemies inside the jailhouse. Fortunately, she found a friend in Hattie and they will talk and bond, according to spoilers for Days of Our Lives this week.

As the two of them get to know each other better, Hattie will explain how she ended up in prison. Hope later opens up to her as well. Even though she may be behind bars, at least she has someone to talk to.

Andre Turns Gabi Away

Meanwhile, more spoilers for Days of Our Lives this week hint that Andre will try and turn Gabi away from Chad. Andre will manipulate her into turning her back on Chad so that he could be free for Abigail. As everyone knows, JJ and Gabi are back together, and Gabi and Chad need some time to move on from their feelings for each other.

Andre will initially succeed in this, as Gabi will soon lash out at Chad. After some time, they will make up and become friends again.

At the same time, Abby is trying to work up the courage to come forward to Chad. Previous spoilers already hinted that Chad will find out that Abigail is alive and he might not be too pleased when he finds out why. Nevertheless, Abigail has a lot of explaining to do when she reveals herself to the rest of her loved ones.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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