Dealing With Hurt Feelings: The Right Way to Build Walls Around Your Heart

Dealing With Hurt Feelings: The Right Way to Build Walls Around Your Heart
Author and entrepreneur Dani Johnson shares tons of wisdom for everyday peeves and challenges, like dealing with hurt feelings.

Do you often find yourself on the receiving end of hateful comments or attacks? Having hurt feelings is a normal part of life. How individuals react to day-to-day peeves or hostilities from other people may reveal their true character. Self-made millionaire, trainer and Spirit-driven success coach Dani Johnson shares how to cope with a hateful world.

The entrepreneur and author of several books that include First Steps to WealthA Revolution To Increase Your Income, Improve Your Relationships and Expand Your Influence” dishes out tons of good advice through The Dani Johnson Show and through her social media accounts.

One of the useful insights she has shared revolves around a common everyday occurrence – how some people tend to say the most horrible things without thinking about the repercussions of their statements.

People, she noted, sometimes allow their emotions to get hold of them. It can happen to heads of state, teachers, bosses, or even your closest friends or family members. Dani maintains that that does not have to be you – and “you don’t have to receive it.”

Dani Johnson Shares How to Deal With Hurt Feelings

If you do receive hateful comments or personal attacks that lead to hurt feelings, Dani shared that a person can choose from two options: receive the other person’s anger-filled cut and lash out in return, which allows hurt feelings and sin into your heart; or guard your heart and muzzle your mouth by choosing to not participate in the mudslinging.

The successful author and coach who has placed God at the absolute center of her life wrote on her Facebook page (alongside a quotation that we cannot change people but we can change how we deal with the problems that are in front of us) that learning how to communicate and respond can be the key to harmony in relationships with others.

Quoting a Bible verse, Psalms 39:1, that says, “I will guard my ways that I may not sin with my tongue; I will guard my mouth as with a muzzle while the wicked are in my presence.

Dani clarified that guarding is “not about protecting oneself from others,” but is about keeping sin out of one’s heart.

In real life, it may require a committed stance to trust loved ones and not to harbor hurt feelings. Hollywood stars like Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, for instance, may display a tough stance when they become subjects of non-stop tabloid rumors, but are hurting inside. Anna admitted that she does feel vulnerable at times like any human would.

Dani Johnson’s piece of advice for people, celebrities or not, is to “put the walls where they ought to be.” The walls should be built “against sin and the hateful ploys of the enemy [the devil]” and not against each other, Dani says.

You can read more of Dani Johnson’s blog Have You Built WALLS Around Your Heart?

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