One Direction Member Liam Payne Had Lewd Contents Posted On Facebook Page after Hack Attack

Liam Payne, Facebook hacking, One Direction
Former One Direction member Liam Payne is shown in photo during the Aria Awards a few years ago.

Liam Payne, the 23-year-old English singer and songwriter who rose to fame as part of One Direction, recently emerged as the latest victim of Facebook hacking.

The singer and father-to-be wrote on his Instagram account a few days ago that he was supporting World AIDS Day. In the same post, he invited followers to get the chance to win a trip to chill out with him in the recording studio and eat out.

Some of Liam’s Instagram followers expressed excitement about his new work that can very well be his solo debut single. A handful of his Instagram followers mentioned in the same thread that Liam’s Facebook account had been hacked.

Hacking of Liam Payne’s Facebook Account

The media entity who reported the hacking of Liam Payne’s Facebook account noted that there were links to sexually explicit content. Fans of One Direction were the first to stumble into such a security breach.

One Directioners, fiercely protective of the boy band’s former members and closely following Liam’s verified Facebook page, get notifications for each new post so they got wind of several updates. The vexing thing about it is that the singer did not make the lewd posts, which were quite inappropriate for underage supporters.

To date, the pornographic posts have been deleted and all that remains are photographs of Liam with the other former One Direction members. The singer has refrained from commenting on the Facebook hacking. In related news, the Instagram account of Liam’s girlfriend Cheryl Cole has likewise been hacked a few months ago. Her account was flooded with references to the devil.

Former One Direction Member Liam Payne is An Active Social Media User

Earlier this year, Liam had also shared on his social media account that he had written a song for fun. After Thanksgiving, Liam tweeted something he has been busy with the past several months. He shared that he was immersed in the songwriting process and has been working in the studio.

Indeed, social media has been an instantaneous way for Liam Payne to update his legions of fans on his current activities and upcoming projects. His posts on his musical pursuits have generated a wave of comments from fans across the world.

It will be recalled that over a year ago, Liam Payne had also expressed that he does not claim to be a good person, but he wanted to instill in the minds of his followers that the world needs to change and band together, the way he and his fellow One Direction members at that time had. He added then that the world is “a pretty messed up place.” The recent hacking of his Facebook account illustrated that.

 Photo Source: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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