Kate Middleton Baby Twins Miscarriage Results In ‘Split’ From Prince William; Pregnancy Covered Up: Report

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Kate Middleton Baby Twins Miscarriage Results In ‘Split’ From Prince William; Pregnancy Covered Up [RUMOR]

Kate Middleton is reportedly pregnant and expecting her third child with her husband, Prince William. The Duchess mysteriously canceled her latest royal engagement at a hospice gala that caused the media to make assumptions that she is carrying the third royal baby. This was similar to a time when, during pregnancies with her two children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, she suffered severe morning sickness that she was required to cancel her royal engagements.

The East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices Nook Appeal held its first annual dinner. The Duchess was supposed to be the Royal Patron of the charity — however, she was nowhere to be seen. The night before the gala, the Duke attended the Tusk Trust Awards but the Duchess was apparently absent. Many were surprised because of her absence, considering how she has been working and doing her royal obligations religiously these past few months.

According to some reports, the Duchess is carrying twin daughters, which some claim she miscarried. The tragedy resulted in a disagreement between her and the Duke of Cambridge, instead of comforting each other. The so-called royal source added that because of what happened, the royal couple’s marriage is already falling apart.

Kate Middleton Tried to Cover-Up Her Pregnancy?

The “royal sources” went on saying that prior to miscarriage, Kate Middleton has been trying to keep her pregnancy from the public but it was inevitable when all of a sudden, she felt ill. She had no choice but to call her doctor to attend to her, but that was not enough to prevent the miscarriage. They added that after the tragedy, Prince William decided to go back to their country home to mend from their loss — eventually resulting in a split-up.

Split from Prince William Not True, says “Dependable Sources”

Contrary to the reports, Gossip Cop exclusively checked the rumor and claimed that the Duchess was never pregnant with twin daughters and suffered a miscarriage. The website added that a dependable source close to the situation guaranteed that the speculations were absolutely false. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage is not in trouble and the royal couple is not splitting up.

Kensington Palace has not released any statement regarding Kate Middleton’s pregnancy and on the royal couple’s so-called “split-up.” The Duchess, on the other hand, sent her personal message to those who attended and showed support for the charity event even though she did not show up at the fundraising event of the year.

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