Mike Rowe Slams Hampshire College for Disrespecting American Flag; Suggests Better Solution to National ‘Fear’

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Mike Rowe Slams Hampshire College for Disrespecting American Flag; Suggests Better Solution to National ‘Fear’

Mike Rowe, a popular, patriotic and opinionated citizen, posted how the Hampshire College caught his interest on his Facebook page when they removed the American flag in their campus. His post became argumentative that it went viral and people kept on sharing and left comments about the controversial issue. Rowe stated that the flag belongs to every American, so the people all over the country have the right to respond.

Jonathan Lash, President of Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, decided to remove the flag inside the campus because it was becoming a “disruptive symbol.” According to reports, the U.S. flag instilled “fear” among the students of Hampshire that they keep lowering and burning it, so the president had no choice but to remove it to stop the practice.

In addition to this, President Lash added that his decision to remove the American flag helped the students to focus and deal with several issues in their country. The issues that the president mentioned were about racism, misogyny, anti-Islam, anti-immigrant and anti-LGBTQ ideals.

Mike Rowe Says Educating is Better then Removing Flag

Mike Rowe disagreed with the practice, adding that the College was unaware that billions of people around the world have been experiencing terrible racism as well as misogyny in their daily lives far more than what America is currently having now. He also asked if Lash really believed removing the flag was the best way to remove the students’ fear. He pointed out that perhaps educating them about America’s liberties and its privileges compared to other countries was a better way.

Flag Raised at Full Staff, Again

So far, President Jonathan Lash has not responded yet to any of Mike Rowe’s questions and suggestions. But just recently, it was all over the news that Hampshire College raised the American flag at full staff on their campus after treating it with such disrespect. Perhaps Rowe’s comments on the issue have had its effect after all.

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