Miracles of Jesus Christ Today: Busy Mom Going Through Unbelievable Pain Healed By Prayer and Firm Faith

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The Bible speaks often of miraculous healing through the work of Jesus Christ. Having faith in God and His Word is the best answer to every problem we are having, and this held true for what a woman named Terri experienced. Hers is considered to be one of the miracles of Jesus Christ today.

Terri shared her story through The 700 Club, one of the most famous and visited inspirational networks where one can hear stories about miraculous events happening recently. For 10 years, Terri had suffered from excruciating and clenching pain that she felt from her head and behind her eyes. She added that what she experienced was severe and lasted up to 12 straight hours at a time; she could not concentrate and do normal things anymore.

She is a mom of three, and as part of her daily routine, she has to get up and attend to her kids’ needs every single day. It was not easy for her to function daily because her children were being taught at home and at that time, she almost always felt nauseous that it affected everything.

The Sickness is Unknown and Cannot be Healed by Medication

She explained that the terrible headaches became migraines and most of the time, it affected her eyesight. She had moments where she could not see clearly and what was in front of her was blurry. She only had flashes of light and parts of her vision were not clear.

Her condition when she was in pain was like the symptoms of a person who had a stroke. She could not speak and communicate with the people around her. She also had moments of paralysis in some parts of her body for a few minutes.

Terri’s condition could not be determined. Even after she consulted her physician, nothing was found and the cause of her headaches was undiagnosed. She added that even the given medications did not work out that she gave up on it.

Terri Holds on With Faith in God and His Word — and Receives Miraculous Healing

Desperate for relief, she started studying the Bible to learn about healing. She learned scriptures about healing and in God’s word she found comfort despite her condition. She was hoping for a miracle that she did not stop praying and believing — until the miracle that she was hoping for came to her.

One night, she had a severe headache that she could not sleep so her husband turned on the television. By then, the couple was watching The 700 Club show and one of the hosts, Terry Meeuwsen, was praying. She heard and prayed with them.

Meeuwsen mentioned someone who was having headaches that night and it came to her that they were praying about her condition – and God healed her right that moment. The next day, the pain was almost gone and as days passed by, she has never experienced that pain again.

Terri’s faith and belief healed her. Amidst the trials, she put her trust in God when she heard His word, and did not stop believing in Him.

Miracles did not stop in the stories of the Bible. Even today, it is plain to see that there are still miracles of Jesus Christ happening around us.

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