Miracles of Jesus Christ Today: Man’s Amazing Recovery From Drug Addiction, Hepatitis

Substance abuse can get really messy. Individuals who have fallen into the abyss of drug and alcohol addiction may take years to get their lives back on track. Many end up destroying themselves as well as their relationships with their loved ones. There are cases, though, of people who turned to God and made amazing recoveries. The story of Eddie, a drug addict with a life-threatening illness, is one of the miracles Jesus Christ today.

Drugs became the center of Eddie’s life for many years. He sought help, and went into rehabilitation, but he returned to his dependency on heroin and cocaine. Lost, unhappy, and sleep-deprived, Eddie did not lose hope.

Even as Eddie kept backsliding to his old ways, deep inside he knew he wanted to ask God to take him back. A drug dependent’s path to recovery can be quite difficult. There are individuals who embark on a stop/start cycle of recovery but remain tormented by desperation, destroying themselves in the process. Some hang on and find comfort today in Jesus Christ, Who has shown people many miracles.


Though Eddie managed to live clean and stay sober for five years, he soon found out after visiting a doctor that he had liver disease and hepatitis C. Upon learning that, he thought he was going to die. He took maintenance medicines to curb the disease.

He gathered the strength he needed when he turned to God and rededicated his life back to Jesus Christ. With prayers and the help of well-meaning friends, Eddie made a quick turnaround in his health and overall well-being.

When a friend invited him to attend church and he accepted it, something pivotal happened to Eddie. He said he felt something nice and uplifting. For Eddie, it was an indescribable experience. All he could utter was that during that instance, he got saved. He witnessed Jesus Christ’s miracles.

Today, Eddie’s story is one of the several powerful testaments to the healing effects of prayer and God’s saving grace.

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