‘Overwatch’ Competitive Season 3 Starts and It Has ‘Frustrating’ Placement System, Players Complain

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Competitive e-Sports are slowly making its way as a popular source of entertainment and careers, with the advent of games such as League of Legends and DOTA 2. Game developer Blizzard has its share not of the MOBA pie per se, but with the arguably equally-as-popular Overwatch. The game is now at the start of its competitive Season 3. Like most things needing progression, there were still some quirks to iron out, the most noticeable in particular is player placement.

What is “placement,” exactly? Well, one can think of it as a rating, similar to the ones professional chess players have. Players are scored depending on how they perform, and these rankings are used so as to avoid ridiculous matching, like making a rookie go head-to-head against a Kasparov. Blizzard’s Overwatch does this by monitoring the performance of each player’s first 10 matches — after which an algorithm will determine the appropriate placement for a competitor.

Of course, placements are not permanent and players can go up or down in rank depending on their performance. There are two main tiers, Gold and Platinum, and decent players should find themselves somewhere in the mid-range between the two.

Slightly Lowered Overwatch Ranking Set to “Fix” High-Tier Overpopulation

However, in the past two seasons of the tournament, Blizzard found that the algorithm has a tendency to overpopulate the Platinum tier, which led to high-ranking players losing rank too quickly, even as the season is just beginning. As a result of this, the developers of Overwatch tweaked their ranking method slightly, saying that the new system should distribute players more evenly. They also said that players should be, at first, ranked lower than they expected.

Contrary to what the company expected, this did not really fix the ranking system so much as introduce new problems. Many players aired their concerns through various online channels, saying that those in the high-end of the spectrum only tend to rank higher, while those ranking in the mid-range tend to stay more or less static, if not dropping completely.

The developers of Overwatch said that this is because the event is just starting; that the rankings will smooth out or “normalize” as the tournament progresses. However, many players of the popular game are still frustrated of the unexpected development.

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