‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ Plot, Spoilers: Kylo Ren’s Fate, ‘Fans Won’t Be Disappointed’ Says Gwendoline Christie

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Star Wars: Episode 8 spoilers

Rogue One will be premiering everywhere in a matter of weeks, but that does not stop everyone from getting excited as to what Star Wars: Episode 8 will also bring. Some spoilers regarding the movie’s plot might bring about another emotional death of a character by Episode 9.

The plot for Star Wars: Episode 8 is still under wraps, but just like the movies in the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy, it is certain that a character everyone knows so well will suffer an untimely death. In the original trilogy, there were the deaths of Darth Vader as well as the Emperor. In the prequel trilogy, there was Padme and almost all of the Jedi. In The Force Awakens, Han Solo suffered an untimely death at the hands of his son.

Everyone may be left guessing as to who is going to die in Episode 8, but spoilers hint that Kylo Ren may suffer the same fate by Episode 9.


Looking back at the character deaths of the movies that came before, there was always an emotional meaning to them all.

Many suspect that Kylo Ren might go out the same way as his grandfather did. Darth Vader died a hero, but that might not necessarily be the case for Ben Solo. Kylo Ren’s death will likely be an act of vengeance. Obviously, Kylo Ren has done a lot of bad things, so it is just the question of who will be the one to take his life.

Many guess that he will go out in the hands of Chewbacca. Chewie is among the more obvious candidates, as Kylo Ren did kill his best friend. Plus, recalling what Han Solo said in A New Hope, that Wookiees can dismember a person, proves Chewie’s strength.

Meanwhile, actress Gwendoline Christie, who plays Captain Phasma in the sequel trilogy, refused to give spoilers on what to expect, plot-wise for Star Wars: Episode 8. But all Christie had to say was that the fans will not be disappointed.

Star Wars: Episode 8 premieres on December 15, 2017.

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