End of the World 2016 Predictions: Stephen Hawking Sends Hopeful Message Amid Impending Apocalypse

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Stephen Hawking Sends Hopeful Message Amid Impending End of the World
Stephen Hawking sends a message of hope amid impending end of the world.

Stephen Hawking, a British physicist, scientist, and cosmologist who made many scientific breakthroughs in our history, has voiced his views regarding the biggest and latest issues the world is facing today. The end of the world is imminent; however, it is us humans who pose the biggest danger to humanity.

The division of the world is more prominent than ever before. Stephen Hawking has said so through a piece he penned. After Britain’s separation from the European Union and with Donald Trump being elected as the President of the United States, commentators can easily look at it as “a cry of anger by the people” who felt that their leaders have abandoned them.

Stephen Hawking on End of the World

Stephen Hawking says Brexit and the election gave people the option to choose for something new as they felt it will bring the change they are looking for. With the “financial crash” that many people are facing and the visibility of how “the richest people” live their lives through social media, more and more take part in being “economic migrants in search for a better life.”

Meanwhile, it is up to the elites and the world’s leaders to “acknowledge that they have failed and are failing many.” Since we are the “most dangerous moment” in humanity, now is the time to “break down” and not “build up” barriers “within and between nations.”

The end of the world is imminent. And while technological advancements have created technology that can destroy planet Earth, we have not yet “developed the ability to escape it.”

Someday, we might. But for the meantime, we only have this one and only planet to live in and everyone has to “work together to protect it.” Stephen Hawking calls for the world leaders and elites to learn “lessons of the past year” and, above everything, “a measure of humility.”

Hawking Hospitalized in Rome

Meanwhile, the 74-year-old physicist was hospitalized in Rome for checks on the night of Dec. 1. Stephen Hawking was in Rome to be part of a conference held in Pontifical Academy of Sciences and a talk about the origin about the universe. He also met Pope Francis on Monday, Nov. 28.

Thankfully, Stephen Hawking, who is suffering from a motor neuron disease, is not in serious condition. He was brought to Gemelli Hospital, which is one of the best hospitals in Rome. It is also where popes are treated.

As for the end of the world, Stephen Hawking remains an “enormous optimist” for our species.

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