Try This One Simple Way to Test Your Level of Commitment in Everything You Do

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Try This One Simple Way to Test Your Level of Commitment in Everything You Do

It is common to see people nowadays who are afraid of committing. Whether it is about success in business, employment, or personal relationship, commitment is considered a heavy word that many people take the time to ponder and decide on. However, that is not to say that people just do not want to commit — they want to try, but there seem to be a lot of hindrances.

And so, commitment seems to be a really tricky thing for most. On the one hand, people want to remain faithful to their promises and responsibilities; on the other, it is just so hard to fulfill this sometimes.

However, there is one simple indication to see if someone is really committed to something. Expert life coach Dani Johnson tells us that one simple test you can set for yourself or others is to see how much complaining we hear from ourselves or our peers.

It makes sense in practice. Johnson pointed out that, for example, if one complains about their marriage then they already “took a step in the wrong direction” — towards quitting. Same goes for being a good parent, or in measuring your commitment to your business or your job. She goes so far as to say that complaining is the first sign of “no” commitment.

Commitment — and Success — is Achieved by Solutions, not Complaints

Sometimes people cannot help but complain. However, Johnson advises us that instead of complaining, we should be trying to find solutions. We should learn to open our eyes to all the possibilities that the world offers us. We may find strength in the things we choose to read, the media we consume, and of course through the words of our friends and family.

The life coach also reminds us to look back the times when we have no other choice but to continue. In these instances, we simply refuse to see the downsides of a situation because even if we do entertain it, it will be pointless because the only way is to move forward. Moments like these compel us to find solutions instead of complaining.

Success can be measured in how committed each individual is with the work that they do. It is a good reminder that complaining too much can not only hamper your sense of commitment, but might discourage others, as well. Problems and challenges are part of every endeavor humanity takes, and those who prevailed did not dwell on complaining — but found solutions to truly overcome.

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