You Can Know What Real Happiness Is By Just Looking At A Half-Empty, Half-Full Glass

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Happiness is something to strive for, and it is something not many people consider themselves to be. There is no set path to being happy, but it all starts with our thoughts.

As life and success coach Dani Johnson would say, life tends to condition us into thinking about negative things. A lot of people tend to live with thinking bad thoughts. It applies to almost everyone now, in the age of the internet. People hide behind their keyboards throwing insults at other people whom they never met for the sake of bringing them down.

Those people have never found happiness, and if they did, they just found it in the wrong place. In the half-empty-half-full theory, they always see the glass as half empty. They always think that they will get hurt down the line, that everyone will hurt them.

Happy People Do Not Have Zero Problems

Do people who have found happiness have zero problems? The answer is a big NO. Instead, people who are truly happy find the best in every situation. If they are faced with a challenge, they think of it as more of an opportunity to be better.

An example of this would be the workforce in Denmark. Denmark is known to have the happiest young workers in the world. Why?

One of the biggest reasons as to why Denmark has the lowest number of employee dissatisfaction is that the workplaces put an emphasis on work-life balance. According to Universum Research Manager Daniel Eckert, the happiness of a workplace’s employees is very important for keeping good and talented professionals. When employees are happy, then this is a good sign for a country’s economy.

Sure, they must have their days when they are not motivated to work at all. But as mentioned earlier, the way to combat negative thoughts is to focus on the positives.

So what now?

Focus on the positive. It will take some work, and in this case, time is your friend. Even just thinking of one or two good things that happened to you today will be able to help you change your mindset little by little.

According to Dani, “happiness is a habit” that we need to consciously form.

“Sometimes life DOES seems to ‘condition’ you to always see the bad side of things. You have to actively pursue the bright side!” she says.

You can read more of Dani Johnson’s blog Is YOUR Glass “Half-Empty” Or “Half-Full”?

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