Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth Disagree Over Christmas Arrangements; Duchess Wants Festive Celebration for Children: Report

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Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth Disagrees Over Christmas Celebration Arrangements?
Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth disagrees on how to spend Christmas for Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte?

Hearsays of hostility between Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton never seem to cease. In the latest episode of their rumored enmity, the two has a disagreement over Christmas celebration arrangements this time.

Latest news suggests that Kate Middleton wants to go her way on how she and her two kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, will spend their Christmas. And just like every year, Queen Elizabeth is allegedly furious at Kate Middleton for trying to swerve away from royal Christmas traditions.

Kate Middleton Prefers Festive Celebration Over Royal Christmas Tradition?

Purportedly, Kate Middleton wants to spend Christmas with her parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, and siblings, Pippa and James Middleton. However, Queen Elizabeth, according to the latest news by gossipmongers, insists that the Middletons are not invited to the royal arrangements for Christmas.

Wanting her children to experience the festive Christmas celebration she grew up having, the Duchess of Cambridge wants the kids to spend the holiday season with her family for a middle-class gathering in Anmer Hall. Kate also wants a special Christmas feast, with the help of her mother, for the family.

Kate Middleton Wants To Be With Family for Christmas; Queen Elizabeth Furious?

Queen Elizabeth is, purportedly, not on board with the Duchess of Cambridge’s idea, the latest news insinuates.

Instead, Kate Middleton and Prince William are scheduled to spend Christmas with Queen Elizabeth at Sandringham, along with the rest of the royal family. As part of the family’s royal traditions, they will attend the morning church service, just like every year, then have lunch and listen to the Queen’s speech.

Moreover, both Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have to be away from their parents for the royal Christmas lunch as children, specifically under the age of 12, are reportedly not supposed to dine together with their parents.

Whether or not Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton have some disagreements on how their family should spend the holiday season, may the spirit of Christmas prevail in the end.

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