Kelly Ripa Co-host Search Not Needed; ‘Live’ Ratings Soared With Michael Strahan Gone

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Kelly Ripa Co-host Search Not Needed; ‘Live’ Ratings Soared With Michael Strahan Gone

Kelly Ripa, Live TV talk show host, has been searching for a co-host for six months now since Michael Strahan left Live for Good Morning America. According to the recent news, the TV host mentioned that her friend and fellow television personality Anderson Cooper would be her No. 1 pick as her permanent co-host. More than 50 celebrities have already been with Ripa on the show to fill in as her co-host for the meantime.

The 46-year-old TV host also confirmed on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live that Cooper was her life and he was the one that got away, keeps getting away, and gets away all the time. Even if Cooper was her first pick, getting him the co-hosting job is impossible because he is already committed to CNN as their primary news anchor.

She added that she was astonished because many showed interest to be her co-host and the list got longer and longer each day. The official announcement for the next Live co-host has not been revealed yet.

Kelly Ripa Better Off Without Michael Strahan, Based on Ratings

While the show was publicized to be co-host searching, there is news saying that the hunt for Kelly Ripa’s next co-host is just a charade and a gimmick. It was said that celebrity guests are enough and that the talk show is not a reality show.

They added that the Live TV talk show host is doing fine and does not need a new co-host after Strahan. Additionally, according to reports, the number of viewers have swelled up when she started hosting the show by herself, making her talk show the second most-watched in the daytime.

ABC may have lost Michael Strahan who has been with them for four years, but they have Kelly Ripa who stepped out and hosted the show for months now. The show did not suffer; as a matter of fact, the ratings soared up in a few months time.

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