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‘The Voice’ Finalists 2016 USA: Josh Gallagher Joins Final Four; Team Miley Not Represented in Finale

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The Voice USA

The results are in and the final four is set, but one of the coaches will not be represented at all. As the elimination revealed, Miley’s team will not be represented in the finale of The Voice USA 2016.

The Season 11 finals for The Voice USA 2016 is happening in a matter of days, and it marks the end of coaches Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus’ first year of being part of the show. However, only four singers will still be in the running towards becoming the winner of The Voice USA Season 11 of 2016.

The results-filled episode was jam-packed with stellar performances in between to hype everyone up: One Republic, Hannah Huston, coach Blake Shelton and even Jennifer Hudson, who is also a coach for The Voice UK. The performances continued until the actual results came in, and it was revealed who is going to become part of the finals and who will be going home.

Final Four

The first three singers that made it to the finals are Billy Gilman from Team Adam, Sundance Head from Team Blake and We McDonald from Team Alicia. The two singers that were eliminated were Aaron Gibson from Team Miley and Brendan Fletcher from Team Adam.

This only leaves one more spot to fill. Would this mean someone from Team Miley is going to make it? Or will another person from the other three coaches’ teams get in?

It all goes down to three singers: Christian Cuevas from Team Alicia, Ali Caldwell from Team Miley and Josh Gallagher from Team Adam. The three contestants were to sing for their lives in the hopes of making it to the final four spots. Christian sang I Can’t Make You Love Me while Ali sang Rihanna’s Sledgehammer and Josh took on I Drive Your Truck.

In the end, Josh Gallagher was saved and joined the Final Four. This means Team Miley will have no one to represent in the finals. Prior to the reveal of the results, Miley expressed her enjoyment in her first season of the show. She stated that the talent in the competition is “one in a bazillion.”

Billy Gilman, Sundance Head, We McDonald and Josh Gallagher are now in the Final Four.

Who do you think will win in this season of The Voice USA 2016?

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