Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Baby: How Mom-of-Two Plans To Lose Weight

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Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Baby: How Mom-of-Two Plans To Lose Baby Weight

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively just welcomed their baby girl two months ago. Now, the Age of Adaline actress is set on losing the extra pounds she gained post-pregnancy.

On an Instagram post, Blake Lively announced that she will start her New Year’s resolution right at this moment. She also posted a photo of her diet meals from Epicured, a food-delivery store that offers healthy and gluten-free meals.

The 29-year-old actress and mother of two girls, 2-year-old James and the 2-month-old baby girl whose name is yet to be revealed, shared that she is determined to “fit into my jeans again.” She also clarified that her posting of her diet-meal photo is not an ad but it is her “getting it up for healthy food.”

Previously, she was able to lose the extra weight she gained from her first baby in just eight months as she was scheduled to shoot her film The Shallows in a bikini. Blake Lively made it possible through a gluten-free and soy-free diet.

Blake Lively Addressing Post-Baby Body Criticisms

Celebrities, and women, in general, usually get body-shaming comments after gaining pregnancy. Blake Lively had voiced her thoughts about it. The Gossip Girl star says that it is “a shame” how people give that “negative ‘ugh’” when seeing women’s bodies after giving birth.

Blake Lively says, “Your body is so beautiful.”

She continued by saying that even though one cannot walk the Victoria’s Secret runway, there is still beauty in it in “a completely different and incredible way.” Blake also wishes to have the bravery to “represent women as they actually look.”

Ryan Reynolds Named Second Baby “Excalibur Anaconda”?

Meanwhile, the name of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s second baby girl is still kept a secret. The couple had worked hard in maintaining privacy about their second child. In fact, the baby’s gender was even kept a secret yet thanks to Ryan Reynold’s slip, the public was given a surprise update about the child.

The Deadpool actor had previously shared his inclination towards naming his first child Excalibur Anaconda jokingly. However, Blake Lively did not allow it. It seems like Ryan Reynolds did not get his way again for the second time.

What Ryan Reynolds assured everyone is that he and Blake Lively chose “the right one” for the baby’s name.


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