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‘Days of Our Lives’ New Spoilers: Abigail, Dario Make a Deal, Philip Reveals Chloe’s Secret

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In Salem, a lot of secrets are being kept and will have serious consequences if revealed. New Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Abigail and Dario will strike a deal while Philip may be in danger of revealing what Chloe is hiding.

Not many Salem residents know of Abigail’s resurfacing, and it seems that Dario is now one of them. New spoilers for Days of Our Lives reveal that Dario and Abigail will cross paths. Dario will be compelled to tell everyone that Abigail is alive, but Abby does not want that to happen for now. However, Abby will also be compelled to spill about the shady activities that Dario is getting into.

So both of them will make a deal. If Abby will not say a word, neither will Dario. Abigail just wants to come forward when the time is right, but knowing how things are going with Chad in the love department, she may have to act quickly.

Philip in Hot Water

By now, it is clear that Philip is caught smack dab in the middle of the baby drama surrounding Chloe, Deimos, and Nicole. New Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that knowing a lot about Chloe’s secret is getting Philip into some hot water with Deimos. As everyone knows, Deimos has very dangerous methods of persuasion when it comes to getting information.

Deimos will order to kidnap Philip, and upon his capture, Philip is drugged. Could the drug get Philip to tell the truth and reveal Chloe’s secret to Deimos? That remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Rafe and Shawn get Kate’s help in looking for evidence proving Hope’s innocence. As previous spoilers have already stated, Rafe and Shawn discovered that Stefano was already dying, with confirmation from the doctor. Rafe pieces everything together, concluding that Stefano was provoking Hope into killing him, knowing that his days were numbered.

Rafe is determined to get Hope out of prison with this information. However, will this new piece of evidence be enough to let Hope off the hook?

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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