Michael Bublé Christmas Album 2016: Noah’s Dad Continues To Tug Holiday Heartstrings for 6 Years

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Michael Bublé Christmas Album 2016: Singer Continues To Tug Holiday Heartstrings for 6 Years
Michael Bublé Sings and Swings Concert on NBC on Dec. 20.

Hearing Michael Bublé’s supple vocal chops every Christmas season has somehow become quite a tradition. It appears many are still enamored by the Canadian crooner’s holiday singles as his six-year-old Christmas album continues to outsell others.

Michael Bublé’s Christmas Album Still Performs

Christmas was released by Michael Bublé in 2011. And five years later, the album continues to outsell newer Christmas albums, such as of the high profile John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John’s (FONJie) album Friends for Christmas in Australia. It even surpassed the singer-songwriter’s own newest album Nobody But Me.

The Christmas album always manages to climb its way up to the top spot in music charts every year. Having already sold 910,000 copies, Michael Bublé’s Christmas album is only a few sashays away from the magical million mark in Australia.

The album has without a doubt already reached a great milestone by becoming platinum 13 times and this time, it continues to find the possession of those who do not have it yet. In fact, it already usurped Friends for Christmas by FONJie with around 2,000 copies. Michael Bublé has sold 6,238 copies while John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John sold 4,359 as of last week.

Christmas album continues to prove that it is indeed the biggest selling Christmas album in Australia so far.

Sings and Swings Christmas Concert Special

Meanwhile, the pre-taped Christmas concert special of Michael Bublé will be aired on Dec. 20 at 8PM on NBC. The hour-long special will feature the Candian singer’s signature Christmas renditions and singles from his latest album.

This was before Michael Bublé and the family found out that their oldest son, three-year-old Noah is diagnosed with cancer. Both Michael and his wife, Luisana Lopalito, since then withdrew all their professional commitments to devote their time for their son’s support and treatments.

Nonetheless, the family will make sure to keep Christmas a special season for their family. And fans can still be serenaded with Michael Bublé’s timeless Christmas album for the holidays.

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