Pippa Middleton, James Matthews Engaged: Couple Share Spotlight with Controversial Spencer James

Spencer Matthews, Pippa Middleton, James Matthews
Photo shows Spencer Williams working in Tanzania. Pippa Middleton and James Matthews have recently shared lot of insights to media, months after they got engaged.

Since they got engaged months ago, Pippa Middleton and James Matthews have not been the only ones in the spotlight. Spencer Matthews, the potentially controversial brother of Pippa’s fiancé, has gotten big media attention as well.

Recently banned from ITV’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! after an admission that he was taking steroids, Spencer has admitted in interviews that he was feeling desperate to return to the show. The sad reality, though, is that his comeback was just a rumor. Nonetheless, when one door closes, another one opens. That became the case for Spencer Matthews.

Spencer headed out to Tanzania as part of the thrust of the Michael Matthews Foundation. The reality television actor had recently guested on the show This Morning to discuss the charity, but ended up being asked about the Pippa Middleton-James Matthews relationship. James and Pippa got engaged in July 2016. Five months down the line, the celebrity duo seems to have gotten into the thick of wedding preparations, and a blizzard of negative publicity.

The Public Got Pippa Middleton Wrong

Pippa Middleton recently expressed one of her disappointments to a fashion and lifestyle magazine that media and the general public have gotten a wrong perception of her. She noted how people tend to regard her as a privileged person who has taken advantage of being the sister of a British royal.

Pippa also cited her peeves, which is being regarded as a socialite who does not work, or worse, a party girl who lacks substance. The truth is that Kate Middleton’s younger sister had taken up English Literature at Edinburgh University and has penned books. Her latest book is a heart-friendly recipe entitled Heartfelt.

One of the persistent rumors that have weighed down Pippa is the alleged royal conflict she has with sister Kate Middleton, and how the Queen frowns on Kate’s reality star future brother-in-law. In recent months, Pippa seemed to have taken all the bad publicity in stride.

In Praise of the Small but “Amazing” Charity

When Pippa’s soon-to-be brother-in-law Spencer guested on This Morning, Phillipe Bryan Schofield lost no time in asking if James brought Pippa up the Matterhorn. A seemingly flustered Spencer responded by saying that his sibling James preferred to keep his own life “private.”

He then proceeded to mention the charity foundation that has become his newfound passion. The foundation was set up in honor of the Matthews’ 22-year-old family member Michael, who met an untimely demise on his way down from the summit of Mount Everest.

Today, the foundation comes to the aid of  children in remote areas by imparting sound education. Spencer has gotten more engaged with the charity project, and recently announced he is keen on taking the charity to the next level.

On his Instagram account, James Matthews’ brother posted a snapshot of himself working at a site in Tanzania and wrote about his appearance in the ITV program. Interestingly, Pippa Middleton’s social media exposure has mostly been limited to those run by avid royal watchers.

Photo Source: Instagram

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