Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Baby to be Named ‘Excalibur Anaconda;’ Ryan’s Just Kidding, Though

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Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Baby to be Named ‘Excalibur Anaconda,’ Proud Father and ‘Deadpool’ Actor Joked

Ryan Reynolds is very proud about his life as a father to his two daughters and with his wife, Blake Lively. On Canada’s ETalk, the 40-year-old actor said that his life has been dynamic but now, there is more and he is totally outnumbered by women at home. However, he does not hate any of it.

The Deadpool star loves being a father to his daughters and it is the best thing for him. He shared that there is more love, more diapers and more stuff, but he is fine with it. He added as a joke that what he does not like is that someday, her daughters will be dating men so he is doing his part to wipe men off the face of the planet. In addition to this, the actor also said that he might just do what his daughters would ask him to do, meaning that he just loves his daughters so much.

Blake Live and Ryan Reynolds’ Baby Will Be Named Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds’s wife, gave birth to their second baby in September. According to reports, the couple has yet to reveal the name of their little girl but the actor said that they already settled on the right name for their little one. In 2014, when Blake Lively was pregnant with their first daughter, Ryan Reynolds joked that his firstborn’s name would be “Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds,” which his wife rejected.

The couple is also proud of their eldest daughter, James, who is turning two this December. The actor shared, “I just love watching my older daughter take care of the newborn. That has been kind of neat to see.”

Reynolds Connect With Children Through ‘Deadpool’

Ryan Reynolds was in Toronto, Canada on behalf of the SickKids Foundation. The popularity of Deadpool has let him meet a lot of kids who have cancer and spend a lot of time with them, while connecting to parents of these children, as well. The actor said that in any child’s fight against cancer there are parents who are in great pain and as a father, he said that he would never want to see any kids nor parents go through that pain.

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