Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston Back Together: Ex-Couple Photographed in Awkward Situation and It’s Hilarious, Says Report

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Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston Back Together: Ex-Couple Hilariously Photographed Together in Awkward Situation
Will Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston get back together?

Many fans are curious to know whether Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are back together. In an awkward run-in of exes, though, a photo was taken in the right place at the right time of Tom and Taylor; and it is quite hilarious.

While doing his usual jog, Tom Hiddleston was photographed in quite an uncomfortable circumstance where he had a run-in with his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. However, it is not quite the real Bad Blood singer, though.

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift Awkward Encounter, Somehow

Coincidentally, Tom Hiddleston happened to pass by a graffiti of Taylor Swift that bears a message directed to the Thor actor. In the graffiti, Taylor was seen holding a phone to her ear while the speech bubble read, “Oh Tom.. I love you too.. But..”

The illustration, created by Fuzzy Human, was said to portray the moment Taylor Swift broke up with 35-year-old actor Tom Hiddleston. It is not clear if Tom had seen the artwork. If he did, he might have just decided to ignore and pass by the awkward graffiti art without a glance.

Hiddleswift Not Back Together

Following the whirlwind romance that swept headlines over the summer, the love that Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift had burned out as quickly as it started. In just a short span of time, they traveled across countries together and met each other’s family that led to many believing that it was finally the real deal. However, the relationship was reported to be over all of a sudden.

Recently, though, rumors surfaced that HiddleSwift is back together. Allegedly, the Crimson Peak actor and Shake It Off singer kept their communication with each other despite the split. Moreover, there are claims that Tom and Taylor are planning to spend the holidays together in New York.

But to fans’ dismay, there is no truth behind it as the two did not get back together. As of the moment, at least, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are still solidly set on walking on each other’s path separately.

Photo source: Instagram

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