Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston Song: Swift Consults Ex for Latest Track; Ex-Couple Hooking Up Again, Says Report

Are Taylor and Tom hooking up
Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were rumored to be touching base with each other, reportedly for a song that Taylor keeps consulting the `Thor: Ragnarok’ actor about. The news was debunked, though.

Current celebrity projects and romances can fire people’s curiosity, especially if you happen to be Taylor Swift. The recent report that the Grammy award-winning singer sends ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston drafts and updates of new song compositions, however, is fabricated news.

The tabloid news about the Thor: Ragnarok actor having a say in the songs Taylor writes about him for her next album is not true. No such deal exists, as an alleged source close to Tom confirmed with another media entity.

Considering the fact that Tom Hiddleston is preoccupied with major films and his television series, not to mention his advocacies for children displayed by war/conflict, the news that Taylor Swift sends drafts and seeks his consent before recording a song is absurd.

The Taylor Swift-Tom Hiddleston Connection

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston parted amicably, so the Wildest Dreams singer is not about to write something nasty in a song about her recent ex-boyfriend. Moreover, all the rumors coming out that Taylor and Tom are rekindling their romance just keep getting debunked. It has not stopped gossipmongers from spinning new tales anyhow.

Whether the two celebrities have really decided to “let bygones be bygones” and are bound to return to each other’s arms is something their avid fans will be crazy happy about. For now, both stars are concentrating on their individual work projects.

Taylor, a few weeks ago, pitched a song she composed, that Little Big Town got to sing. The song, Better Man, soared on the U.S. Billboard charts. Nowadays, even without the help of her girl squad, Taylor Swift is riding on the crest of recent victories. She bagged a Grammy for Album Of The Year at the 58th Grammy Awards last February.

Taylor Swift also landed on top of Forbes’ list of highest-paid musicians. Fans and pundits note that she has long been prepared to handle pressures that come with fame. With her solid music and jam-packed live concert performance experiences, it comes as no surprise that Taylor keeps reaping recognition.

As for all the fabricated news that have been floating around, the claims of Taylor Swift sharing her song compositions with Tom Hiddleston for his approval simply will not fly. What also does not make sense is that not so long ago, Taylor and Tom were reported to be having a feud. The glaring inconsistencies of the story fabricator spell thirst for sensationalism, something that discerning readers nowadays can recognize.

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