End of the World Predictions 2017: Planet X Nibiru on Collision Course To Destroy Earth

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End of the World Predictions 2017: Planet X Nibiru on Collision Course To Destroy Earth
Will Nibiru, also known as Planet X, cause End of the World this 2017?

End of the world predictions surfaced once again and this time, Earth’s demise will allegedly be caused by Nibiru, also known as Planet X. Moreover, the date for doomsday is already set.

End of the World 2017 Predictions

Conspiracy theorists continue to terrify citizens – those who still believe them, at least – of an impending end of the world. Apparently, there is already a deadline for the remaining time that we can live in our planet before a massive rogue planet’s collision course directly hits us.

According to Zeta Talk, the apocalypse will happen in 2017. Moreover, Robert Vicino, a doomsday bunker expert, also has his own predictions and he says the elites are aware of it. Claiming that the said elites are already preparing for the end of the world, he addressed the people, “You have to ask yourself, why did Russia have a drill of 40 million people?”

Vicino says doomsday is imminent and it is going to be “epic, right out of the Bible.”

What is Nibiru?

Nibiru, or Planet X, or sometimes Planet Nine to some, has allegedly been lurking on the outer reaches of the solar system.

There are actually two apocalyptic theories of Nibiru:

  1. The wide orbit of Nibiru would make the planet pass between Neptune and Mars which ends with a mass extinction on Earth;
  2. The collision course of Nibiru is directly towards Earth thus it will hit our planet directly.

Nibiru predictions have long been around but it started gaining attention in 1995 when a woman named Nancy Lieder proclaimed through her website Zeta Talk that she can communicate with aliens. End of the world predictions was then announced to happen on 2003, 2007, 2012 and 2015. Thankfully, we are still around until now.

However, recent predictions claim the next doomsday is bound to happen in December 2017.

NASA Has Spoken

Meanwhile, the growing attention that the Nibiru/Planet X theory has even reached NASA until they finally broke their silence about it. NASA debunked the theory since there are “no basis” for the said claims.

Moreover, NASA stated that if Nibiru was real and indeed heading for a collision with Earth, astronomers would have been tracking the planet for the past decade already. And with the timeline of its arrival according to conspiracy theorists, NASA says by this time, the planet would have been “visible by now to the naked eye.”

It is worth noting, however, that a Planet Nine does potentially exist. The new planet is theoretically 10 times larger than us and a recent research showed it tilted the orbits of the eight official planets by six degrees. While Planet Nine is not yet officially discovered, which is estimated to happen around 16 months according to astronomer Mike Brown, its existence remains hypothetical.

After everything that happened this year, predictions of an impending end of the world in 2017 might not be much of a surprise anymore.

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