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‘No Man’s Sky’ Foundation 1.1 Update Release: Players Praise New Features – Game Modes, Building Base, More

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One of the most-awaited games, No Man’s Sky, left many players with big disappointments. In response, the developer, Hello Games, released the massive patch Foundation 1.1 Update with significant changes. Is it worthy enough to lure gamers back?

The space exploration simulation has listened to the complaints of the players in their Foundation 1.1 Update. Aside from bug fixes, some much-needed tweaks, and features that fans wanted and expected initially have been added as well.

No Man’s Sky Foundation 1.1 Update: New Game Modes

No Man’s Sky only had one game mode during its launch. With the Foundation 1.1 Update, though, players can now choose between three new game modes.

First is the Creative mode where players will have limitless resources and health. Building one’s base will not cost any resources too. Next is the Survival mode which is more challenging and resources are more limited. Lastly, the Normal mode is where players can play the game in the standard way.

Claim A Home Planet

The release of the Foundation 1.1 update can now let users set up a camp on a planet. Many players had complained before that the open-ended game somehow gave so much possibility that playing became “aimless.”

By being able to claim a planet, players can also now build their own base. In addition to that, the release also includes hiring of alien friends called specialists that can be assigned to player’s base.

Freighters Give More Storage

Another Foundation 1.1 update that players liked is freighters for bigger storage. Teleporting resources from the planet to the freighter is also a very convenient feature. However, freighters come expensive which will cost players 7 million units.

And of course, stacking items in a player’s ship inventory with a quick access menu made many gamers happy.

Even though some players claim the game still has a lot of room for improvement, No Man’s Sky Foundation 1.1 Update was a clear step in the right direction. Surely, players will await on what the game has to offer in the next release.

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