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‘Days of Our Lives’ New Spoilers: Abigail Catches Chad, Gabi Kissing

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DOOL new spoilers

Abigail will face an awkward and upsetting situation when she sees Chad again. New spoilers for Days of Our Lives reveal that Abigail will walk in on Chad and Gabi kissing.

Things are not looking so good for Abigail and her plan to come forward to Chad. New spoilers reveal that Abigail is finally gathering the courage to appear to Chad and explain everything. It was already previously hinted, but now it is finally going to play out before everyone’s eyes. Since coming back to Salem, Abigail has struggled on whether or not she should explain herself to Chad right away, and now seems the time to finally do it.

However, Abigail will start to have doubts when she overhears Chad talking to Father Louis about setting up a memorial for her. It seems that Chad is finally ready to let go and move on, and Abby has a panic attack and delays her confrontation. When she calms herself down, Abigail will fantasize about her reunion with her husband and hopes that when she faces him for real, it will be like she imagined.

Chad and Gabi Kissing!

Determined to have her old life in Salem back, Abigail prepares herself for her appearance with Andre’s help. Andre will assure her that the time is right for her to reveal herself. Unfortunately, Abigail will come in and see Chad and Gabi kissing. Knowing the situation at hand, it might not be real, seeing as JJ and Gabi are back together now.

But could this be Gabi’s way of testing JJ’s loyalty? Could JJ have told her about Abigail?

Meanwhile, Nicole has had it with Chloe and Daniel and the baby she thinks she will never have. As previous spoilers already mentioned, Deimos will try and get some answers out of Philip in order to make Nicole happy. Philip seems to know a lot more than what he is letting on, and so Deimos will resort to drastic measures to make him tell.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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