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‘Gotham’ Season 3 Joker Spoilers: Jerome’s Resurrection, Disfigured Face

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Gotham season 3 spoilers

Jerome may be dead, but he will not be dead for long. Spoilers for Gotham Season 3 indicate the resurrection of the future Joker as well as how he will look like being back from the dead.

Jerome’s future at this point seems to become clearer the more updates surface and the blink-and-you-will-miss-it photos of Cameron Monaghan on his twitter and Instagram. Everyone now knows that Jerome Valeska will become the Joker, but spoilers reveal the version of the Joker that could probably be expected from him.

To refresh everyone’s memories, Jerome was killed off in the early part of Season 2. By the fall finale, everyone could see the body of a red-headed man in one of the tanks at Indian Hill. After seeing the body in the tank, it is clear that everyone has not seen the last of Jerome Valeska yet.

That became a little more accurate by the season finale, as the busload full of Indian Hill experiments and resurrected corpses escaped, Jerome being one of them. As producers and Cameron Monaghan himself have said, the future Joker will be coming back in a season or two. However, the latest promo for the first episode after the winter break reveals that Jerome is back, which is a lot earlier than expected.

Is Jerome’s Joker From the New 52 Comics?

Going back to Cameron Monaghan’s photos, including the latest one, that shows his forehead and what seems to be like his skin stapled back together. Among the fans of the comics, it is now confirmed that Jerome Valeska’s Joker might be from the New 52 Comics, at least in terms of appearance.

Should that be the case, it is safe to say that everyone could probably expect Jerome to look a lot more villainous than he already is. The episode that he will first appear in will likely pick up where the show left with him, which is from the Season 2 finale. As to what will happen to him around that time that will result in his face being taken off, that remains to be seen.

Gotham Season 3 airs on Mondays on Fox.

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