Michael Buble Son Cancer Treatment: Family Hangs on to Hope, Prayers Amidst the Long Road to Recovery

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Michael Buble is shown with his family during his birthday celebration. He faces the toughest challenge of his life as he awaits the eventual recovery of his son who is undergoing cancer treatment.

Canadian crooner Michael Bublé faces the toughest challenge of his life right now — awaiting the turnaround in the health of his 3-year-old son Noah, who is slated to have surgery by the end of the month, following weeks of tumor-shrinking treatment after being diagnosed with liver cancer.

Medical specialists have uncovered that chemotherapy alone will not be all that the boy will have to deal with to fight the serious illness. Doctors are hoping that Noah’s tumor will become small enough to operate on. The chemotherapy may proceed after the operation if it goes well.

Michael Buble’s Son Seen as a “Warrior”

It has been a scary time for the entire Bublé family. The unwavering faith of Michael Bublé, wife Luisana and her older sister Daniela that little Noah will withstand the long and difficult cancer treatment has been witnessed by many. Michael Bublé has previously stated in interviews that with the support of family, friends and fans praying for his son’s recovery, the family “will win this fight, God-willing.”

Noah’s liver cancer diagnosis was confirmed by doctors last month after a liver biopsy was made, following an initial examination at a clinic in Buenos Aires. Michael Bublé’s son has started chemotherapy last month and it will continue for four months.

Michael Bublé Son’s Ailment Brings Focus to Liver Cancer, Its Causes & Preventive Measures

The cancer diagnosis and treatment of Michael Bublé’s son has brought attention to a rare disease that can leave many parents horror-stricken when it strikes. Liver cancer, like what afflicted the popular singer’s  three-year-old son, is “largely hereditary though it can  be developed out of a genetic mutation.” Some types of cancer, doctors say, have higher survival rate.

Parents need to be watchful of signs and symptoms, particularly if the family carries the genes. These generally include lump or swelling in the abdomen, high fever, bruises, swollen glands, recurring infections sudden weight loss, poor appetite and lethargy. Parents can fortify the defenses of their children against serious illnesses as cancers by serving healthy food options, letting tots get adequate sleep every day, and keeping them away from polluted places. Liver cancer in kids is often treated successfully.

While Michael Buble’s son continues to fight cancer with a series of treatment options, the family continues to be positive. Michael and his wife Luisana Lopalito have for now limited their professional commitments to devote time monitoring their son’s condition. The Buble’ family will still observe Christmas and fans can still be serenaded with Michael Bublé’s timeless Christmas album for the holidays.

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